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TeamCity 2017.2 RC is here

Greetings, everyone!

We are pleased to announce the release candidate for TeamCity 2017.2. We’ve been mostly focusing on polishing the new features and tackling issues, so this is essentially a bugfix release.

Build #50444 addresses over 100 problems, listed in our release notes.

TeamCity 2017.2 RC is still work in progress, and it changes the TeamCity data format so be sure to install it on a trial server as downgrading is not supported. You can try the new automatic update feature or download the TeamCity 2017.2 RC build and install it as usual.

This may be your last chance to report issues on this preview version, as we are planning to release TeamCity 2017.2 next week.

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated: feel free to post it here in comments, in our forum or tracker.

Follow us for the latest news on the upcoming release.

Happy developing and building!
The TeamCity Team

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