Bugfix Releases

TeamCity 2017.2.1 is released

Today we are releasing an update for the latest TeamCity version, TeamCity 2017.2.1.

This is a bugfix release fixing over 100 issues. For details please see the Release notes.

Upgrading is strongly recommended if you are using GitHub.com with TeamCity. As GitHub.com will deprecate a number of older cryptographic standards in February 2018, this change will affect agent-side checkout in all TeamCity versions before 2017.2.1 and server-side checkout in TeamCity versions prior to 9.0.2. If upgrading is not possible for you, see this workaround.

Other users are also advised to update to this version as it features a number of important fixes.

TeamCity 2017.2.1 has the same data format as all the 2017.2.x releases, which means that downgrading is possible if required.

If you are already using TeamCity 2017.2, use the Updates page for an automatic update.

Update 1721

To upgrade from older versions, download TeamCity 2017.2.1 and install it on your server.

We’ll appreciate your feedback: feel free to use our forum and tracker.

Happy building!

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