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TeamCity 2018.1 (code-named Jaipur) EAP is open

Today we are opening the early preview program (EAP) for TeamCity 2018.1.
It’s been a tradition with us at TeamCity to name our versions after cities in India, so please welcome Jaipur 2018.1 EAP1.

This version will definitely be interesting for our customers using build configuration templates: you can now define build steps common for build configurations and place these steps before / after the build configuration’s own steps, conveniently using a placeholder for the latter.

Another thing is that now TeamCity allows more flexibility when it comes to redefining settings inherited from a template – now it is possible to change every setting of the inherited build step without the need to introduce parameters in the template. On the other hand, if you are a system administrator and if you want to enforce some settings on all the build configurations in the project so that other users could not redefine them, TeamCity now allows you to do this too.

Other improvements touch on the TeamCity integration with Docker, shared resources, our UI pages and much more, including over 70 fixed issues: see our release notes for details.

Download Jaipur 2018.1 EAP1 build, and remember to install it on a trial server as the new version changes the TeamCity data format.

All our EAP releases come with a 60-day Enterprise evaluation license for an unlimited number of agents and build configurations, and we do hope that you’ll try this build and share your feedback in our forum or tracker.

Happy Easter and happy building!

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