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TeamCity 2018.1 released: revamped Kotlin DSL, read-only server, new Docker runner, and bundled S3 integration

Please welcome TeamCity 2018.1 – the first major release for TeamCity this year! This version gives you significant improvements in Kotlin DSL, revamped Docker support, native integration with Amazon S3 for storing artifacts, and High Availability installation possibilities.


If you took part in our recent EAP (Early Access Program), you may have already heard of the new functionality this release has in store. If not, here’s a quick overview:

New TeamCity Kotlin DSL

  • Simple. The DSL format is now simpler and more readable. No more uuid or project IDs.
  • Single file. One settings.kts file is now all you need to describe the project settings.
  • Portable. DSL scripts are now server and project independent.
  • Create from URL. Just point TeamCity to the repository with the settings.kts file, and it will spin up projects and build configurations as described in code.


High-Availability setup

Set up a highly available TeamCity installation with the new read-only server mode. The read-only server has access to the database and the data directory, and in the event of the main server becoming unavailable, will accept all the requests and allow read access to the builds, artifacts, etc.

Revamped Docker support

  • The Docker wrapper now supports .NET CLI and PowerShell runners, allowing you to run those build steps inside a Docker container.
  • build, push, and other Docker commands are available directly in the new Docker runner, which replaces the old Docker Build Runner.


Amazon S3 artifact storage

Storing, uploading, downloading, and removing artifacts from S3 is now integrated natively and can be done via the TeamCity UI.


There is more to this release! Enforced settings, improvements in templates, ability to upload a trusted SSL certificate, and UI updates. See the detailed description of these and other features in the What’s new section in our documentation.

Also, sign up for our free live webinar on July 10th to see the new features of 2018.1 in action.

Download TeamCity 2018.1

Please check the Upgrade Notes before you install the new version, and do not hesitate to report any issues in our tracker, or ask questions in the forum.

Happy building!

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