TeamCity 2021.1.2 is here

Version 2021.1.2 for TeamCity On-Premises is already available for download.

This update addresses over 70 issues. It brings notable fixes to our experimental UI, most of them focused on the build log preview, and various other enhancements, such as:

  • The performance monitor now can display log entries per selected time period. To limit the period, drag and drop the selection on the graph.
  • If you run a personal build that is a part of a build chain, all its dependency builds will be run as personal builds as well. 
    However, if you enable the reuse of suitable builds in the dependency settings, TeamCity will try to optimize the chain whenever possible. If running a personal dependency build doesn’t bring any value or contradicts the checkout rules, TeamCity will use a finished non-personal build instead.
  • The Parameters tab of Build Results has a new filter — Show only modified parameters. If it’s enabled, this tab will display only parameters whose values are customized in the current build.

We highly recommend upgrading as this version contains several security fixes and performance optimizations.

The full list of resolved issues is available in our release notes.

As any minor update, 2021.1.2 shares the same data format with all the 2021.1.x releases, so you can easily upgrade/downgrade TeamCity within these versions without performing a backup/restore procedure.

You can use one of the following options to upgrade:

Your feedback is welcome in our forum or tracker.

Happy building!

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