TeamCity 2021.2.3 is here

The third bugfix update for TeamCity 2021.2 is already available for download!

Version 2021.2.3 contains a fix important for all TeamCity users who connect their projects to GitHub.com repositories via SSH. Beginning March 2022, GitHub will stop supporting deprecated SSH protocols. Make sure to upgrade TeamCity to the new version by this point – otherwise, your builds won’t be able to use SSH for checking out source code from GitHub.com.

TeamCity 2021.2.3 brings other 40+ fixes and improvements, including:

  • Fixed problem with triggering false positive alarms in some security scanners due to vulnerable classes of Log4j 1.2 (version used by TeamCity). To address this issue, we’ve created our own fork of the library based on Log4j 1.2 and removed these classes as they are not used by TeamCity. Note that the upgrade of Log4j used by TeamCity to version 2 is on the way  – it is scheduled for our next major release.
  • More accurate build status publishing to Bitbucket that allows using new features of Bitbucket, like Merge Check.

We highly recommend upgrading, as this version also contains security and performance fixes.

The full list of fixes is available in our release notes.

As any minor update, 2021.2.3 shares the same data format with all the 2021.2.x releases, so you can easily upgrade/downgrade TeamCity within these versions without performing a backup/restore procedure.

Check the upgrade notes and use one of the following options to upgrade:

Your feedback is welcome in our forum or tracker.

Happy building!

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