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The New Learning Center Is Now Available in TeamCity Cloud

Are you looking for easy-to-consume learning materials to help you master TeamCity?

These are now available in our new learning center right within TeamCity Cloud. That means you can find answers to your most burning TeamCity-related questions and access video guides without ever having to leave the platform.

Here are some of the questions that the learning center can answer for you:

  • What’s the difference between checkout rules and trigger rules?
  • How to run command line scripts?
  • How to work with artifacts? 
  • And many others.

How to access the learning center

To access the learning center, log in to your TeamCity Cloud account and navigate to the Learn tab in the top right menu. 

The video tutorials are grouped by topics, including integrations, source code repositories, build agents, tests and build chains, and the Kotlin DSL. Thanks to the tags, you can conveniently see which topics a particular video covers.

How can the learning center help you?

TeamCity is a powerful platform that can be fully customized according to your organization’s needs. However, learning to work with a new CI/CD platform might seem overwhelming at times. 

TeamCity’s learning center provides you with hands-on explanations of TeamCity’s key concepts and gives you an overview of what the platform is capable of. With the help of the video tutorials, you can learn how to create your first build pipeline, integrate TeamCity and Github, work with pull requests, and get started with the Kotlin DSL.

What’s next?

Video guides are just the beginning of TeamCity’s learning center. We’re planning to add more videos on various topics to help our users take their CI/CD skills even further.

We’re also enriching the learning center with interactive guides. The guides will walk you through TeamCity, introduce you to key TeamCity concepts, and help you master the platform.

More learning resources

To level up your CI/CD skills and boost your organization’s performance, make sure to check out our blog where you can find helpful posts and how-to articles on various topics.

TeamCity’s documentation will provide you with further guidance on how to set up a robust CI/CD process in your organization.

As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. We’re just an email away.

Happy building!

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