JetBrains Joins AWS ISV Accelerate Program and Receives AWS DevOps Competency Status for TeamCity

We’re happy to announce that JetBrains has been accepted to the AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program, a co-selling program aimed at AWS Partners who provide solutions that run on or integrate with AWS!

With this partnership, we are looking to gain more visibility for TeamCity and other JetBrains’ products among AWS customers, whilst jointly driving new business opportunities with AWS.

We believe that TeamCity Cloud, being an AWS-native SaaS solution, is a great fit for this partnership and can help our joint customers scale their CI/CD workflows on AWS, while also empowering them to optimize their pipelines through built-in intelligence. And thanks to the first class support of many AWS services in TeamCity, customers can enjoy a vast range of integrations out of the box.

DevOps Competency

In addition to being accepted into ISV Accelerate, JetBrains have also acquired DevOps Software Competency status for TeamCity Cloud – a sign of recognition of our expertise in delivering SaaS solutions on AWS. This is also yet more proof of our high standards in compliance, security, reliability, performance, and operational excellence, which we continuously demonstrate through our offering of TeamCity Cloud as a service on AWS.

The built-in scalability of TeamCity, paired with virtually unlimited resources from AWS, provide our customers with the ability to dynamically support their development process and CI/CD workflows regardless of their complexity or scale.

What Our Customers Say

Customers from a variety of industries rely on TeamCity and AWS to provide a solid foundation for their development workflows and CI/CD pipelines.

Gearbox – AAA game developers and creators of the Borderlands series – migrated their CI/CD pipelines to TeamCity Cloud in order to significantly speed up their development process.

“We did have a product that we had used in-house for a long time. We looked to switch to a different competitor, and neither one of those worked out. So then some colleagues of ours who came from another game company said, ‘We used to use this thing called TeamCity.’ We looked into it, and understood that TeamCity solved a lot of our problems.”

— Phillip Peterson, Senior Release Engineer

Picnic – a digital-native grocery delivery platform – switched to TeamCity Cloud with self-hosted AWS-based agents to accelerate their builds and reduce CI queue times.

“We were looking for a managed solution for all our CI use cases. Additionally to that, we needed self-hosted agents to control which software we’re running, and which exact tooling is in use. TeamCity Cloud with self-hosted agents provided a tailor-made solution that our team of more than 300 engineers happily uses and that pushes our productivity to the next level.”

— Ivan Babiankou, Staff Software Engineer, Picnic

Playrix – one of the largest mobile game developers in the world – moved their self-managed TeamCity installation to AWS and adopted cloud build agents via Cloud Profiles, which allowed them to autoscale their build farm and improve reliability.

“We ended up with a hybrid cloud solution that included TeamCity Cloud Profiles and AWS. In addition to that, we had on-premises computers for build agents. This combination allowed us to accommodate any number of builds throughout the day, while also providing a baseline agent count for off hours. This meant we could run whatever we wanted wherever we wanted.”

— Yuri Trufanov, Executive Technical Director of Technology Platform

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