[Webinar] Build Like Gearbox: Developing a CI/CD Pipeline With Helix Core and JetBrains TeamCity

In the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry, staying at the forefront of technology is crucial for success. Gearbox, the renowned AAA game studio responsible for the famous Borderlands franchise, has been a trailblazer since its inception in 1999.

Over the years, Gearbox has continually adapted its tech stack to meet the escalating demands of the gaming world. In a bid to enhance its development process, Gearbox has embraced cloud computing and relies on industry-leading tools like Perforce Helix Core and JetBrains TeamCity.

Join us on Wednesday, December 6, 10:00 am PST | 1:00 pm EST, for an exclusive deep dive into Gearbox’s development journey with insights from key members of their engineering and design teams. Register now to learn how Gearbox:

  • Has evolved its game development process over time.
  • Uses Streams in Helix Core to support hundreds of artists and developers.
  • Improved their JetBrains TeamCity build pipeline to build Unreal Engine games.
  • Develops award-winning games.

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Meet the speakers

Ryan L’Italien, Perforce Software

Ryan is the Gaming and M&E Evangelist for the version control portfolio at Perforce. Coming into Perforce with 15 years of full-stack developer experience, he is excited to solve workflow and integration DevOps challenges for companies of all sizes. Being a video game and film enthusiast, it’s a seamless fit. In Ryan’s spare time, he likes competing in Ironman triathlons, mountain biking, and spending time with his family.

Steve Fortier, Gearbox Entertainment Company

Steve has been the Lead Release Engineer at Gearbox since 2021. With prior experience at Activision, Steve’s expertise spans various aspects of game development. Steve’s team is responsible for implementing CI/CD processes for all Gearbox-developed projects, as well as an expanding portfolio of projects developed by partners.

Phillip Peterson, Gearbox Entertainment Company

Phillip Peterson started his career in the games industry at Gearbox in 2016. Having joined Gearbox with experience as an application programmer, he started out as a Junior Release Engineer and is now Gearbox’s Senior Release Engineer.

Brian Thomas, Gearbox Entertainment Company

Brian Thomas is a 17-year veteran of Gearbox who has worked on Brothers in Arms, Borderlands, and a number of other franchises. His work has focused on design, cinematics, and interactive storytelling. He currently serves as the Managing Director of Design, managing the operations and long-term vision of game design at Gearbox.

Daniel Gallo, JetBrains

Daniel works in the role of Solutions Engineer on the JetBrains TeamCity team. With 20 years of experience in the software development industry, Daniel has held a variety of roles, including Software Developer, Senior Systems Analyst, and Sales Engineer. As a TeamCity Solutions Engineer, he supports both new and existing customers worldwide, helping them to learn about TeamCity and how best to configure CI/CD build pipelines.

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