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Maximizing Efficiency: TeamCity Cloud Introduces Per-Minute macOS Build Agents

We’re introducing per-minute macOS agents to TeamCity Cloud! Now, you can configure your builds to run on macOS agents in addition to the Windows, Linux, and ARM agents that are already available in TeamCity Cloud.

This new addition to TeamCity Cloud offers teams building for iOS greater flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

The challenge of macOS builds

While many CI/CD tools excel in managing builds for Windows and Linux environments, macOS builds present a unique set of challenges. Traditionally, setting up and maintaining macOS build agents is resource-intensive and costly, leading to scalability issues for development teams working with Apple ecosystems. 

TeamCity Cloud’s per-minute macOS build agents address these challenges by providing a more flexible, cost-efficient solution.

How are per-minute macOS build agents helpful?


Traditional build agents often require significant upfront investment, making it challenging for smaller teams or startups with budget constraints. 

TeamCity Cloud’s per-minute macOS build agents allow teams to scale their macOS build capacity without committing to fixed costs, providing a cost-effective solution that aligns with actual usage.

On-demand availability

Teams can spin up macOS build agents on demand, reducing idle time and further optimizing resource utilization. This on-demand availability ensures that developers have the necessary build resources precisely when they need them, minimizing bottlenecks in the CI/CD pipeline.

Reduced maintenance costs

macOS build agents in TeamCity Cloud come with pre-installed tools like Fastlane, Homebrew, and CocoaPods so that iOS teams can start working right away. Additionally, TeamCity Cloud supports building iOS apps made with any technology, including Xcode, React Native, Flutter, and more.

Enhanced security

TeamCity Cloud macOS build agents are implemented as real virtual machines (VM). These VMs offer full isolation, providing a secure and dedicated environment for each build.

The concept of single-use machines ensures that each build runs on a pristine VM, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination between builds. This approach not only enhances security but also ensures consistent and reproducible builds.

Technical specs and pricing

The technical specifications of macOS build agents in TeamCity Cloud are as follows:

  • Intel-based: 6 vCPU / 14.5 GB RAM / 150 GB storage.
  • Apple Silicon M1: coming soon! Contact us if you’d like to get early access.

The pricing is currently 100 credits / minute. macOS build agents are also available in the 14-day trial version of TeamCity Cloud, with a total of 80 build minutes per trial.

Try macOS build agents in TeamCity Cloud

If you’re an iOS developer looking for a CI/CD solution or an existing TeamCity Cloud user, we encourage you to give macOS build agents a try. With on-demand availability and the ability to scale resources precisely when needed, TeamCity Cloud macOS build agents offer a hassle-free solution for your macOS build processes.

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