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Make CI/CD Part of Your Development Flow With TeamCity Pipelines

TeamCity Pipelines (beta) - Fall in love with CI/CD again | Product Hunt

Not many developers love configuring their CI/CD pipelines. Describing jobs, defining job dependencies, debugging failed runs… If only there was an easier way to do it all!

As the creators of TeamCity, a powerful and mature CI/CD tool that’s been around for over 17 years, we understand the struggle like no one else. Over the years, we’ve heard our customers praise TeamCity for how potent the tool is at handling pipelines of any complexity. Yet we also heard that the learning curve might be too steep for smaller teams.

That’s why we’re launching TeamCity Pipelines, a tool with a brand-new approach to CI/CD. TeamCity Pipelines reimagines the CI/CD process with its intuitive interface and smart configuration assistance, with JetBrains’ signature intelligence under the hood.

TeamCity Pipelines is engineered to streamline your development flow, helping you accomplish tasks faster and run your CI/CD pipelines more efficiently.

With TeamCity Pipelines, there’s no tradeoff between the simplicity of configuration and the powerful server capable of building complex pipelines.

Let’s see what TeamCity Pipelines is about and how it can make your developers’ lives easier.

Visual Pipeline Editor

In TeamCity Pipelines, we rethink the concept of pipeline configuration. Now, you can use YAML to configure your pipelines as code or take advantage of the visual PipelineEditor. Here, you can easily define commands and dependencies.

Intelligent configuration assistance

TeamCity Pipelines will guide you through the pipeline configuration process, providing you with smart improvement suggestions.

For instance, TeamCity Pipelines can automatically detect specific build tools and suggest smart test parallelization options based on that, bringing you up to 75% faster runtime.

Run your pipelines in any environment

In TeamCity Pipelines, you can choose what type of agent you want to run your job on: Linux, Windows, or macOS.

If your build requires extra tools, you can install them additionally on agents or run your jobs in a Docker container. TeamCity Pipelines features a built-in Docker image search and Dockerfile support.

Need to debug a failed build? Thanks to the Open terminal feature, you can open the terminal and start debugging specific agent issues right from the TeamCity UI.

Smart pipeline optimization

TeamCity Pipelines can also optimize your pipelines on the fly. Choose the option to reuse jobs, parallelize tests, or use build caches. A faster CI/CD experience has landed!

Configure pipelines as code with YAML

Complying with the industry standard, we offer TeamCity Pipelines users the opportunity to configure their pipelines as code by using YAML.

You can easily switch between the YAML and UI configurations.

We hope that TeamCity Pipelines will prove to be a game-changer for your development process. Today, we’ve also launched it on Product Hunt.

We’d really appreciate your support on this big day! If you feel like it, please support TeamCity Pipelines on Product Hunt and give us your valuable feedback.

Yours truly,

TeamCity Pipelines crew

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