TeamCity 2024.03.3 Bug Fix Is Now Available

The 2024.03.3 bug fix for TeamCity On-Premises is now available for download! 

This release includes a few performance and security fixes. Among others, we addressed the following issues:

  • Some AWS EC2 instance agents couldn’t authorize on start.
  • Agents running from Windows 2024.03-nanoserver-2022 Docker images were incompatible with some runners after a restart.
  • Agent service under Windows didn’t use the bundled JRE and failed to start if JAVA_HOME wasn’t defined.

For the full list of the issues fixed in this version, please refer to our release notes.

As with other minor updates, TeamCity 2024.03.3 shares the same data format with all 2024.03.x releases, allowing you to easily upgrade or downgrade within these versions without the need to back up or restore.

We recommend upgrading to apply the latest improvements and security fixes to your TeamCity server.

Before you start, read our upgrade notes and use one of the following options to upgrade:

Thank you for submitting issues and voting on them. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve TeamCity.

If you encounter any problems or have suggestions, please report them via our forum or issue tracker.

Happy building!

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