Upsource 1.0.1 is Available

We’ve just published the first ever bug-fix update to Upsource: you can now download Upsource 1.0.1.

This release contains the following changes:

  • UI improvements such as properly contrasting scroll bars in File view, a correctly loading default avatar, and finite loading of revisions that contain binary files (UP-2767). The branch history view doesn’t contain a ghost list of changed files anymore (UP-2603).
  • Since there’s hardly anyone who wants to review changes occurring in auto-generated files, Upsource is now aware of more types of auto-generated files (UP-2719) that it collapses in Revision view by default. For example, Visual Studio project files and .Designer.cs files are now treated this way.
  • The problem of infinite loading on editing of certain projects (UP-2690) has been resolved.
  • Support for Maven module hierarchies has been extended, which should prevent project loading errors such as UP-2015.

If any of the listed fixes is relevant to you, please download and use Upsource 1.0.1. Otherwise, you can safely skip this update.

We’d also like to let you know that due to a number of recently revealed issues that prevent Apache Cassandra from operating reliably in Windows environments, we’re not recommending to host Upsource on Windows until these problems have been fixed. We’re working with the Cassandra team to help them reproduce and fix the issues, and we’ll let you know as soon as installing Upsource under Windows becomes reliable again.