Upsource 2.0 Hits Final Release

This is the day when we are closing the Early Access Program and launching the Final Release of the latest Upsource: please download and try Upsource 2.0 RTM.

This is a free upgrade for all existing commercial customers, and even if you’re not using Upsource so far, remember that a 10-user plan is free of charge.

As a recap, Upsource 2.0:

  • Introduces an IDE plug-in for code review that works in IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, Android Studio and other IntelliJ-based IDEs
  • Supports SVN branches, as well as Git and Mercurial tags
  • Extends Java code analysis and navigation to Gradle-based projects
  • Compares Java code usages across revisions
  • Streamlines the code review process with suggested reviewers and revision picker, among other ways
  • Learns to provide JavaScript navigation and usage search in HTML/CSS/JavaScript projects (treat this as an experimental feature though)

You can learn more about new features and improvements in Upsource 2.0. Alternatively, here’s a video that sums up most changes in less than 2 minutes:

Please note that extended issue tracker integration announced during EAP has been postponed and is most likely to be released in a minor update next month.

Download Upsource 2.0, follow Upsource development on Twitter, and get in touch with the team if you have any feedback.