Upsource 3.0.6 bug-fix update is available

Hi everybody!

Today we have published one more bug-fix update – Upsource 3.0.6. This is likely the last minor update before we roll out the next major release. This build addresses the following issues:

  • UP-7644: Random Github comments being pulled in
  • UP-7584: [GitHub] Sync doesn’t work if VCS root mount path is empty
  • UP-7303: [IDEA plugin] Wrong revision URL for an SVN revision
  • UP-7698: [IDEA plugin] Comment pane runs away when side-by-side diff window is moving
  • UP-7434: Can’t install current plugin version in Android studio
  • UP-6690: Unable to assign reviewer
  • And a few other problems. Check out the full list.

You can download the new build here, and don’t forget to backup your current instance before upgrading.

Yours truly,
The Upsource Team

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