Web IDE EAP (build 387)

Alexey Gopachenko

Here is the first EAP build update for JetBrains Web IDE that includes the following changes.

General IDE Changes

  • Inspect Code‘ is moved under ‘Code‘ menu
  • Editor code inspection (including spellchecker) can be instantly changed from status bar “Inspections” dialog
  • Added support for multiple source folders and excluded folders (Project Settings -> Directories)

PHP Edition Changes

  • PHP Debugger additions: watches, evaluate expression, value tooltips, change variable value for primitive types
  • define() constants are now supported: autocompleted, searchable and renamable
  • @property declarations are now supported (no refactoring yet)
  • @param tags parsing improved to grok all diverse styles and [optional] marker
  • PHPDoc @links made clickable, documentation popups undergo some face-lifting
  • Type inspection correctly handles functions with optional params before required, mixed type params and different number notations (int/float/number)
  • Method call chains (...->method()->method()) now type-checked and completed properly
  • All __magic methods are now supported
  • Completion in method declaration name will suggest all superclass method names
  • Stubs for standard libraries updated

Download build 387 from Web IDE EAP page and check the full list of changes in our issue tracker. As always, we look forward to your feedback in Web IDE discussion forum.

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3 Responses to Web IDE EAP (build 387)

  1. Madis says:

    August 24, 2009

    Great! Will test it…

  2. Madis says:

    August 24, 2009

    Seems I couldn’t upgrade from build 368 as installer refused to install there with an error sth like that:
    please select an empty folder or a folder where web ide UGPRADE_VERSION is installed as the target for

  3. Madis says:

    August 24, 2009

    As I can’t edit comments…

    Seems the settings are shared with different builds, so the upgrading problem is not a big deal. The new build popped up with right Project opened and SVN enabled like it should be.