Web IDE EAP (build 445)

Alexey Gopachenko

The third EAP build #455 adds several new features, addresses performance problems (particularly in PHP code completion) and fixes most exceptions in PHP parser and editor reported by EAPers.

New features include:

  • YAML support with structure view
  • PHPDOC @property & @method declarations completion & resolution
  • Several debugger enhancements — keeping XDebug connections, Concurrent debugging sessions, starting at 1st line etc. Expect separate blog-post shortly.
  • Added editor highlighting of several semantic errors (several members with same name, abstract modifier vs method body, etc.)


  • Completion now properly shows all visible inherited members
  • Fixed parsing of namespaces in lambdas and multiple ‘as’ clauses
  • Type inspection now properly understands polymorphism
  • Adjusted size of dialogs on first run
  • Fixed parsing of escape sequences inside doublequoted literals

See complete change-list in issue tracker.

Download Web IDE EAP build 445 for your platform from project EAP page.

Note: Since this build the built-in HTML preview is gone (same for IntelliJ IDEA & RubyMine) and is no longer supported. We are developing completely new feature to replace it — stay tuned.

-JetBrains Web IDE Team

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2 Responses to Web IDE EAP (build 445)

  1. plandem says:

    September 28, 2009

    Hello. I’m still young with ur IDE – just trying to switch for it from Eclipse. But right now i have next problem, i’m using yiiframework – php framework (http://yiiframework.com), i added folder with this framework to project, but ide can’t “parse” correct. i.e. it tells me for commong things of this framework – that ‘method undefined’ and as result no code completion and etc.

    for example:

    is commong things of that framework. Is there any way to include that framework correctly? maybe i miss something ūüôĀ

  2. Alexey Gopachenko says:

    September 29, 2009

    Exactly that is already solved in forums