JetBrains IDE for Web and PHP goes to ZendCon

Great news! Next week we are going to be showing our IDE at ZendCon, PHP Conference, in San Jose, CA. We expect to get lots of feedback from people there and to see what’s hot in PHP development world today.

If you are at ZendCon come to say ‘hi’!

Another exciting news is that Web IDE how has its home on JetBrains web site. And you are all invited! :)

JetBrains Team
-Develop with pleasure!

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2 Responses to JetBrains IDE for Web and PHP goes to ZendCon

  1. francisco says:

    odd enough, “undo” and “redo” options are disabled on the web ide public preview. is that a bug?

  2. francisco says:

    moderator, please, delete this and the post above, this is not the appropriated place. i just couldn’t find it

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