JetBrains to Sponsor ZendCon 2011

JetBrains is a silver sponsor for this yearโ€™s ZendCon conference taking place in Santa Clara, California, October 17-20.

Join us at our booth and get to know the Web IDE Team โ€” the people behind PhpStorm & WebStorm.

If you or your colleagues are considering to visit this event we have good news! As a partners of ZendCon we can offer 100$ discount to Conference pass or 150$ discount on Conference & Tutorials pass.

Just leave comment right here and I will e-mail you a discount code for free.

Best regards,
Web IDE Team

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11 Responses to JetBrains to Sponsor ZendCon 2011

  1. Narkus says:

    You guys should provide a free PhpStorm license to ZCE holders. (as Zend do)

  2. I would like the discount to the event. I have been using PHPStorm for about 3 months and I really love it best IDE I have tried and I have used pretty much all of them. ECLIPSE, Zend Studio 8, NETBeans, PHPIDE 6, Dreamweaver, Aptana and everything else. Glad to see you are now supporting Zend in PHPStorm 3 I just downloaded the EAP release.


  3. Josh says:

    Heya, I am heading to ZendCon and would much appreciate a discount code, bought PHPStorm about a month ago and loving it.

  4. C says:

    Is there a expo only pass for ZendCon?

  5. marco says:

    i would like to have a code too. is that possible?

  6. Lev says:

    I’d love a code, thanks.

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