PhpStorm 1.0 & WebStorm 1.0 are public, it is official!

We’ve made it! WebStorm 1.0 and PhpStorm 1.0 are officially released. We expect many great web sites to appear soon, with web developers having such instruments at their hands now.

If you’ve been following the development you probably know how good these two IDEs are. If you want to learn more about the products, visit their respective pages at 45-day evaluation is available for download.

We heartily thank all Early Access participants for their constructive feedback and collaboration. The products would not be so good without you!

Version 1.x is already in the work and we’re collecting features for next releases. So your ideas and reports are as always welcome in our issue tracker and the discussion forum.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains Team

This blog is permanently closed.

For up-to-date information please follow to corresponding WebStorm blog or PhpStorm blog.

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5 Responses to PhpStorm 1.0 & WebStorm 1.0 are public, it is official!

  1. MaziLLa says:

    Excellent! But, we look forward to continuing the work and new EAPs with greate refactoring tools, unit-testing improvements and other… Thanks!

  2. Great news! phpStorm rocks! :-)

  3. erbione says:

    whether people who support the growth of the program through active participation in reporting bugs and ideas on the YouTrack will be highlighted and get a discount? :)

  4. nicity says:

    Active EAP members got a free license :)

  5. erbione says:

    for newest version EAP this is not possible, there are also license window

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