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WebStorm & PhpStorm 2.0 are coming soon. 50% discount ends next week

Our special offer for a 50% discount on WebStorm & PhpStorm expires on the 1st of September.
If you have not purchased your license yet, do not lose the last opportunity to do so at a half price.
Check discounted pricing for WebStorm and PhpStorm and place your order.

As part of your WebStorm/PhpStorm 1.0 purchase, you will qualify for a free upgrade to the upcoming v2.0 of WebStorm/PhpStorm.
Just a quick glance on what you can expect in v2.0:

  • Zend framework & Zend debugger support
  • “Any PHP framework” support mechanism via ability to supply extensive metadata about autoload & magic infrastructure
  • PHP Refactorings: Smart introduce field / constant, inline variable, safe delete.
  • Full fledged PHP namespace support
  • Advanced code inspection
  • Mercurial support plus new DVCS UI (Git, Mercurial)
  • LESS support
  • and more…

WebStorm/PhpStorm 2.0 preview will become available via our Early Access Program (EAP) within a week — keep your eyes on this blog! If you miss anything in the list of v 2.0 features, create your own feature requests and vote for existing ones in our issue tracker.

Develop with pleasure!
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