Early Access Program

PhpStorm 6 EAP build 126.339

New build is ready. Patch-update is not available, so start the download before you continue. We skipped the blog&twitter announcements for the previous one (126.260) and it looks like it has not received the desired attention, so here is a summary:

  • the PS team was focused on performance and bug fixing. We made our best to eradicate all reported exceptions, so please be sure to submit all new problems to our Exception Analyser (click on flashing red light in status bar). Plus, in case of something reproducible please submit report to our issue tracker.
  • PHP inspection performance dramatically improved for (previously) worst cases – huge files and huge batch inspection runs.
  • PHP completion for all cases involving namespaces is being reworked now. You should see significant improvements, but there is a set of known issues pending.
  • the Web team continues to pour new features: JS libraries concept was totally reworked (for the good), File Watchers got presets for popular tools, Emmet for CSS is available and more. Details available in WebStorm announcements 126.254 and 126.309

All teams are working on tutorials on all the new wonderful features added, stay tuned.

As usual, bear in mind that you are getting a snapshot of work in progress and product will undergo series of technical and cosmetic changes.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains Web IDE Team