WebStorm 6 Release Candidate is Out!

Today we’re excited to announce Release Candidate build for WebStorm 6!

We’re really close to the release, so the focus is stability and performance in all subsystems.

However there’s another new feature that we decided to put in it: support for HTML5 microdata. The IDE will now assist you with completion for properties according to the schema you’re using:

There’s also one more thing to mention. We’ve got a couple of complains about the IDE unexpectedly changing matching strings when renaming JavaScript variable of function. We’ve changed this behavior, now strings are skipped if you turn off  “Search in comments and strings” checkbox in Rename dialog:

Please report any issues that you find regarding the rename or usages search.

These days are very important for us as we’re collecting the latest feedback from you to make our release build as stable and intelligent as we can!

Please download and try new build and kindly report all the unexpected behavior to the tracker and forums.

Please find the list of all closed issues on the wiki.

Automatic patch-update is available for all the platforms.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains WebStorm Team

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12 Responses to WebStorm 6 Release Candidate is Out!

  1. Im guessing this will also be in PHPStorm? Cant wait for the full release

  2. Mike says:

    We need compass support!


    It’s been getting votes every day. If you are a user reading this, please go add your vote.

  3. young says:

    Using third-party input method input (for example, the Chinese Microsoft Pinyin).
    Delete the text being entered will delete characters behind
    I use webstorm6rc

  4. I actually used the WebStorm release candidate over the last 2 days from start to finish on a small project I’d been wanting to do for sometime now. I’ve been wanting to benchmark the impact that the different approaches to object creation – using prototypal, pseudo classical and composition – has on the app performance. I am very pleased to report that the release candidate was marvelous. While this was only a simple project, I did write enough JavaScript to believe that when this baby goes live it is going to be very well received. Congratulations to everyone at JetBrains for moving the bar even higher. Great job.

    Oh, and if anyone is interested in my little project’s code, you can download it from GitHub at https://github.com/jeffschwartz/object_creation_and_hierarchies, and you read about it on my blog at http://adoseofjavascript.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/object-creation-not-all-browsers-are-created-equal/.

  5. Sama says:

    RTL support, please!!!

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