WebStorm 7.0.1 Release Candidate

3 weeks after WebStorm 7 release we would like you to try its minor update – WebStorm 7.0.1.

Based on your valuable feedback on our issue tracker we made a lot of fixes and improvements. That is why before making this update available for everyone we first introduce it as a Release Candidate. It requires active license.

You can download WebStorm 7.0.1 RC on EAP page. The Release notes are available here.

Some notable improvements in WebStorm 7.0.1 include:

  • improved TypeScript 0.9.1 support with more than 20 fixes, code style configuration and new error messages
  • Disable Emmet in CSS only option
  • configurable test delay for Auto-test option

We are looking forward for your feedback on youtrack.jetbrains.com!

About Ekaterina Prigara

Ekaterina Prigara is WebStorm product marketing manager at JetBrains. She's passionate about new technologies, UX and coffee.
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