WebStorm 8.0.2 Bug Fix Update is Available

WebStorm 8.0.2 bug fix update (build 135.831) is available now.

If you’re using WebStorm 8.0.1, you’ll be prompted  to install a patch-update (will be available within an hour). Otherwise, you can download a fresh installer for your OS on the WebStorm website.

This update contains quite a lot of fixes in various product subsystems. The full list of addressed issues is available in the release notes.

Please report any bugs and submit feature requests on our issue tracker.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains WebStorm Team

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Ekaterina Prigara is WebStorm product marketing manager at JetBrains. She's passionate about new technologies, UX and coffee.
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3 Responses to WebStorm 8.0.2 Bug Fix Update is Available

  1. kdrdmr says:

    After 8.0.2 update of Phpstorm on MacOS ; IDE starting to index project directory but indexing has never finished. So it block many features of IDE. Have you any idea about this?

  2. Fatih Alp says:

    I’ve same problem with kdrdmr

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