WebStorm 11.0.2 is now available

WebStorm 11.0.2 is now available! You can download it from our website or install a new version directly from WebStorm 11.0.1.
This update brings lots of bug fixes and various improvements. Here are some highlights.

Better support for npm 3

npm 3 brings a new flat structure of dependencies. Previously, to make indexing faster WebStorm indexed only top level folders in the node_modules directory, excluding module’s own dependencies. With the new flat structure the old approach doesn’t work. So in WebStorm 11.0.2 we now first check the list of the dependencies in the package.json file and then index only those modules.


Improved auto import for any TypeScript symbol

WebStorm can now automatically import any TypeScript symbol from other project files and modules right as you type.


We have also updated our built-in TypeScript compiler to version 1.7.3 and improved support for multiple tsconfig.json files in one project.

Redesigned Dart Problems view

For Dart projects WebStorm 11.0.2 brings an improved Problems window. By default it shows the summary of all issues identified in the project by the Dart Analysis Server. Use filters (click Filter icon on the left pane of the tool window) to limit the scope to the current package or file.


A simple double-click on the issue will take you to its location. Start typing the file name or some symbols from the error message to quickly search in the list of issues. Note that all these issues are also automatically highlighted right in the editor as you type.

Support for the bind operator ES7 proposal

WebStorm now supports the proposed ES7 syntax for the bind operator. Please note that it’s a proposed language feature, so its syntax, the support in compilers and in WebStorm might change in the future.


New WebStorm logo

After updating WebStorm you will notice a number of visual changes in the product, such as a new logo and splash screen and on the product website. We are very excited to present you the new JetBrains branding! You can find more details about that in this blog post.

The full list of issues fixed in WebStorm 11.0.2 is available in the release notes (please also see the release notes for WebStorm 11.0.2 EAP and 11.0.2 RC).
Please report any problems in our issue tracker. Thanks!

– JetBrains WebStorm Team

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