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WebStorm 2016.1.2 EAP, 145.844: bug fixes

Please meet an Early preview build for the next WebStorm bug-fix update – WebStorm 2016.1.2 EAP (145.844).

As always, you can download it here or, if you are subscribed to the EAP Updates channel in the IDE and have WebStorm 2016.1.1 installed, you should soon get a notification in the IDE about a patch update.

This EAP build brings numerous bug fixes in JavaScript, TypeScript, and Dart support and tool integrations. The full list of issues addressed in this EAP build is available in the Release notes.

If you have any issues with WebStorm 2016.1, please let us know on our issue tracker. Thank you!

– JetBrains WebStorm Team

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3 Responses to WebStorm 2016.1.2 EAP, 145.844: bug fixes

  1. Avatar

    Duc Nguyen says:

    April 14, 2016

    I love webstorm, but it become slow when have to deal with large project and a lot of libraries in node_modules and bower_components. I can enhance webstorm performance if I exclude bower_components and node_modules folder but I will loose code complete for 3rd parties libraries. I suggest webstorm team only index files in first level of dependencies. e.g 1 modules in packages json depend on 10 other packages, but webstorm indexed all 11 packages.

    • Avatar

      Duc Nguyen says:

      April 14, 2016

      ” files in first level of dependencies” I mean directly dependencies

    • Ekaterina Prigara

      Ekaterina Prigara says:

      April 15, 2016

      WebStorm 2016.1 indexes only modules listed in package.json without their dependencies. You might try to exclude node_modules folder and use TypeScript definition files for code completion for these 3rd party libraries. You can set up TS stubs as JavaScript libraries in WebStorm via Preferences – JavaScript – Libraries.