WebStorm 2016.3.2 is now available

WebStorm 2016.3.2 is now available with many important bug fixes and improvements.

A patch-update is available for WebStorm 2016.3, 2016.3.1, as well as for the 2016.3.2 RC build. If you’re using an earlier version, now it’s a great time to give WebStorm 2016.3 and its new features a try and download it from our website for a free 30-day evaluation.

Among noticeable fixes and improvements:

  • The issue with using special symbols in Terminal with some keyboard layouts is now fixed
  • Support for debugging iOS apps with React Native 0.37+
  • Support for Stylelint 7.4+
  • Improvements in support for TypeScript 2.1

Improvements in support for async functions

We’ve added 2 new inspections that would help you working with the async functions. First one warns you if you forgot await when making an asynchronous function call:


Note that this inspection is enabled by default with “No highlighting, fix only” level, so no warning is shown in the editor. You can change that in Preferences | Editor | Inspections – Missing await for an async function call.

A quick-fix with Alt-Enter will add a missing await:


Another inspection will warn you if you haven’t handled the returned promise:


Extract method refactoring now has a special behavior for async functions – it would add async to the extracted function and await to the call:


Find a full list of addressed issues in the Release notes.

Your WebStorm Team

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