WebStorm 2017.2.2 is now available

WebStorm 2017.2.2 is now available for download on our website and in Toolbox App.

What is fixed in WebStorm 2017.2.2:

  • Support for imports with ~ in SCSS and Less when using webpack (WEB-23707 and
  • Support for CSS Modules with Less and Sass (WEB-27344 and
  • Emmet abbreviations for React components now expand into self-closing tags only if you add / at the end of the abbreviation  (WEB-26468)
  • Completion for React component properties when using require (WEB-27896)
  • spy-js now works with Node.js 7 and above (WEB-24103)
  • Scaling on HiDPI monitors on Windows 10 (JRE-431)
  • and over 40 other issues.

WebStorm Team

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