WebStorm 2017.2.3 is now available

WebStorm 2017.2.3 is now available!

You can download WebStorm 2017.2.3 (172.3968.27) on our website or update in Toolbox App or in the IDE. The patch-update is available for WebStorm 2017.2.1, 2017.2.2 and 2017.2.3 EAP.

What is fixed in WebStorm 2017.2.3:

  • Wrong position of the context menu on the HiDPI screens on Windows (JRE-453)
  • Navigate to class or file popup doesn’t suddenly disappear anymore on Linux (IDEA-173000)
  • Auto compilation now works again with TypeScript 2.5+ (WEB-28374)
  • Support for webpack aliases when using webpack.babel.config.js (WEB-28162)
  • All React attributes are now auto completed with {} by default (WEB-27989)
    and a new intention that wraps value with {} was added (WEB-21351)
  • Create method quick-fix now works inside JSX (WEB-18052)
  • Error when inspecting arrays in Karma tests (WEB-27884)
  • Debugging React Native apps with Node.js 8.4+ (with node as a debugging backend)(WEB-27303)
  • and over 20 other issues.

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Ekaterina Prigara is WebStorm product marketing manager at JetBrains. She's passionate about new technologies, UX and coffee.
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11 Responses to WebStorm 2017.2.3 is now available

  1. Takhir says:

    Hi Katya, my webstorm don’t accept es6. I have configured es6, even i tried flow.

  2. lee says:

    Hi, my project is build with vue.js, one of the folders of project is “node_modules”, “iView” is a folder in these, the folder color is gray(it’s excluded, right ?), bug WebStorm do not build the Index for this folder, and when i right click on this folder, I can’t find option which is “Mask Directory as”, It’s a bug? i’m a Chinese student which English is poorly, hope you can understand what i written. thank you.

    • lee says:

      supplement, the color of folder is gray mean it’s no excluded. i make a mistake in last comment.

    • lee says:

      I can’t get the Code hint, so i think WebStorm do not build the index from that.

      • Ekaterina Prigara says:

        Hi, are you editing a file from the node_modules/iView folder? Or you want to see code completion for symbols defined in that folder in your files?

        • lee says:

          yes, I want to see code completion for symbols defined in that folder in the *.vue files, I hava two computer, one of the computer can work(code completion for symbols defined in iVview folder), but another can’t, so I’m not sure it’s a bug with WebStorm, I’ll go to School lab tomorrow, my another computer is these, I will try to fix this problem. maybe it’s my reason. By the way, I’s these a options the rebuild project’s index?

          • lee says:

            A syntactic error in last comment, the correct sentence is “Is these a options to rebuild Project’s index?”

        • lee says:

          node_modules/iview、node_modules/vue,just like these folder, the WebStorm’s default setting is “there’re not excluded”(the folder’s color is gray, gray color mean that they’re not excluded. the folder’s color is orange mean the folder is excluded to build index).
          but i can’t get any code completion for symbols defined in that folder in my files, if mark node_modules as excluded, and then cancel exclusion, finally, mark node_modules/iview as Not exluded(Webstorm not excluede this folder default), and then i can get the code completion for symbols defined. so i think it’s a bug of the WebStorm.

          • Ekaterina Prigara says:

            WebStorm handles the node_modules folder in differently from other project folders. If by default excludes all folders from search but indexes modules listed in package.json to provide code completion. To do that it created a library from these folders called /node_modules (see Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries).
            So please make sure:
            1. the
            /node_modules library in Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries is not disabled;
            2. Vue and iView are listed as project dependencies in package.json

  3. lee says:

    Thank you very much, I had solved the problem, you have a warm heart. Wish you all the best

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