Updates for WebStorm 2016.3, 2017.1, 2017.2, and 2017.3

Today we are releasing bug-fix updates for four WebStorm major versions – WebStorm 2016.3.7 (build 163.15529.11), 2017.1.5 (171.4694.80), 2017.2.6 (172.4574.25), and 2017.3.5 (173.4674.32).

This update brings support for the strong cryptographic algorithms to the built-in SSH executable used by Git so that it is now compatible with the new GitHub cryptographic standards.

For more details, please refer to this blog post. We apologize for not having resolved this issue sooner and will strive to improve for the future.

You will get a notification about the available patch update in the IDE. Alternatively, you can install the updates using Toolbox App or download it from our website.

WebStorm Team

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