WebStorm 2018.1.6 is now available

WebStorm 2018.1.6 is now available! Please update using Toolbox App or the IDE or download WebStorm 2018.1.6 from our website.

This final bug-fix for WebStorm 2018.1 brings stability improvements, including the fix for the Throwable exception (IDEA-181227).

Please see the Release Notes for a full list of all the issues addressed in WebStorm 2018.1.6.

WebStorm Team

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2 Responses to WebStorm 2018.1.6 is now available

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    Kostiantyn says:

    October 29, 2018

    Hi everyone. I have a next horrible Error of debug mode javascript stage in WebStorm 2018 version. For example I want to set my debug Javascript mode into my html file wiith name int.html. And according to that, I including a one application javascript file bootstrap.js. And that file need to make fired on checkpoint in my debug when I try to connect in debug mode Javascript on path – http://localhost:63342/MatrixDraw/index.html. But in result after run my debug mode I have a next error and warning message : “Waiting for connectionto localhost:59459. Plesse make sure that the browser was started successfully with remote debbugging port opened. Port cannot be opened if Chrome having the same User Data Directory is already launched.” I hope that the programeers and support service personal of Jetbrains development make resolve my problem and to set me advise, “How do resolve javascript debug mode?”. Because that problem doesn’t happen in past, when I worked on WebStorm. My license version in below:

    WebStorm 2018.2.2
    Build #WS-182.4129.32, built on August 21, 2018
    Licensed to Kostiantyn Halantsev
    Subscription is active until April 22, 2019
    For educational use only.
    JRE: 1.8.0_152-release-1248-b8 x86
    JVM: OpenJDK Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o
    Windows 7 6.1