WebStorm 2019.2.1 is available

WebStorm 2019.2.1, the first bug-fix update for the recently released WebStorm 2019.2, is now available!

Update to it using Toolbox App, or from the IDE. You can also download WebStorm 2019.2.1 from our website.

Apart from bug fixes, this update also brings a lot of improvements and features. Here’s what’s new in WebStorm 2019.2.1:

  • In Angular projects, a different TSLint configuration specified in the angular.json file can be used for test files (WEB-33171)
  • Better support for Vue components with TypeScript decorators (WEB-31693)
  • Improved suggestions for scoped packages in package.json (WEB-34628)
  • Support for CSS Media Queries Level 5 (WEB-36265)
  • “Duplicate declaration” inspection now works for TypeScript (WEB-40037)

What’s fixed:

  • False-positive “Mismatched property value” error in SCSS and Sass files was fixed (WEB-40241)
  • Invalid item no longer appears in the code completion suggestions (WEB-39612)
  • Move refactoring now allows moving symbols between .ts and .tsx files (WEB-29039)
  • Tabs inside JSDoc are now preserved when formatting the code (WEB-15618)
  • Problems with typing some symbols using AltGr were fixed (JBR-1743,

You can find a full list of issues addressed in WebStorm 2019.2.1 in the release notes.

The WebStorm Team

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5 Responses to WebStorm 2019.2.1 is available

  1. Dan Gamble says:

    Searched through the bug tracker for the “Invalid item no longer appears in the code completion suggestions” as much as I could as it was so frustrating! Really happy it’s been fixed so quickly.

  2. Domenico Neri says:

    problem on osx the names of the file opened are not show in the tab on the top of the windows

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