Webinar Recording: Working With SQL and Databases in WebStorm

The recording from the Working With SQL and Databases in WebStorm webinar is now available on the JetBrains YouTube channel!

In this webinar, Maxim Sobolevskiy, our fellow JetBrainer and the DataGrip Team Lead, showed the basics of writing SQL queries and working with data using the Database Tools and SQL plugin for WebStorm.

We’d like to share the answers to some of the questions that were asked during the webinar:

Is there a difference between the database plugin for WebStorm and DataGrip as a standalone app?

The Database Tools and SQL plugin for WebStorm provides support for all of the features available in DataGrip, our standalone IDE for databases. In fact, the plugin is maintained by the same team. There are only a handful of differences between the two, mostly in the UI layout.

As we mentioned in the webinar, you don’t need to buy the plugin if you already have a subscription to DataGrip or the All Products Pack. If you do, you can install the database plugin in WebStorm for free. You can learn more about this by reading our blog post, How to Get Support for Database Tools and SQL Inside WebStorm.

Any recommendations for managing raw SQL queries in Webstorm – something like Prettier, but for SQL query strings?

WebStorm, like any other JetBrains IDE, can reformat SQL, and our formatter is very robust. The ability to configure each individual style in the code formatter helps ensure that the needs of every developer can be met. You can customize the formatter in the IDE settings.

Is it possible to export data to XML or JSON?

Yes, exporting is not just possible but also powerful and extensible. Every time you export to a file or clipboard, you need to choose a format. Usually, it is CSV, but you can choose XML, JSON, DML statements, or export to Excel instead. You can also create your own export format. Learn more about the import/export options.

We hope you enjoy the webinar and discover something new! If there are other topics you’d like us to cover, please share your suggestions in the comments below.

The WebStorm team

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