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WebStorm 2022.3 Beta 2 Is Here

WebStorm 2022.3 Beta 2 is now available! You can upgrade to the latest build using the Toolbox App or from our website. Check out our previous EAP blog posts to catch up on what we’ve already implemented.


We’re now in the process of fine-tuning the build for the upcoming release candidate. These are some of the notable improvements we’ve made lately.

Redesigned Review list for GitHub and Space

We’ve reworked the Review list UI to help reduce cognitive load and provide the most important information about requests at a glance. As part of this, we’ve also ensured a consistent look and feel across all supported review platforms.

An example of the Pull request review list working in WebStorm

TypeScript updates

  • We’ve shipped several fixes for working with monorepos and TypeScript. The navigation, auto-import, and rename refactoring features will all now work more reliably. This works for all popular package managers, including npm, Yarn, and pnpm (WEB-56532, WEB-53670, WEB-56615, WEB-56616).
  • We’ve added support for the satisfies operator in TypeScript 4.9. The satisfies operator enables you to check an expression’s type without changing its type (WEB-57193).
  • We’ve added support for TypeScript 4.5 Private field presence checks. You can now write a class with a #private field member and see whether another object has the same field by using the in operator. The support includes private field resolve in #field in obj syntax, type narrowing, and validation (WEB-52979).

Vue Updates

Coding assistance for emits and defineEmits

Emitted events can be explicitly declared on components via the emits option. Now WebStorm will provide coding assistance for the emits declared in this way.

example fo the autocompletion working for defineEmits

Editing improvements for YAML

There’s a new quick-fix to suppress inspections with a comment in YAML files, including Kubernetes files, OpenAPI specifications, and docker-compose.yml. We’ve also introduced a convenient option to fold multiline comments that make up a block of 3 or more lines and start with #.

Example of using the folding action available for multiline comments

Important note on the new Settings Sync plugin

With the WebStorm 2022.3 EAP 3 build, we introduced the new Settings Sync solution, described in more detail in this blog post. Here are two important points about switching to the new solution:

  1. If you’re using WebStorm 2022.2.x or earlier with the old Settings Sync plugin and want to enable the new plugin on v2022.3, your settings will be migrated from the older version, but they won’t be synchronized between v2022.2 and v2022.3 afterwards.
  2. The Settings Repository plugin has been unbundled. If you’re using it, your settings will be migrated when upgrading to v2022.3, but the new Settings Sync plugin won’t be turned on automatically. If you want to keep on using the Settings Repository plugin, you’ll need to install it manually from JetBrains Marketplace

That’s it for today! For the full list of improvements available in WebStorm 2022.3 Beta 2, check out the release notes.

While we’re getting everything ready for the major release, there’s still some time left to test out the new features and help us smooth out any issues in the final version. Please share your feedback with us in the comments section below or on Twitter, or submit a report to our issue tracker if you find a bug.

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