WebStorm 2022.3: New UI Preview, Vue and Angular Improvements, and Vitest Support

WebStorm 2022.3, our biggest update of the year, is here! This update is packed with new features and bug fixes to improve your development experience. There’s a new UI preview, Vitest support, an updated New Project wizard, type narrowing in Angular templates, Code Vision for JavaScript and TypeScript, improvements for Vue, and much more waiting for you in this version.


Check out this quick round-up of the key changes from our Developer Advocate Paul Everitt.

Here’s a rundown of the highlights in WebStorm 2022.3. Follow the links for more information about the various features and updates.

Frameworks and Technologies

You’ll find new project templates for Vite and Next.js and an updated template for Vue projects. We’ve also fixed over 40 Vue-related issues and added type narrowing in Angular templates, which is a big step toward implementing strict mode support. Additionally, WebStorm now supports Vitest, the super-fast Vite-native unit test framework.

The improvements at a glance:

JavaScript and TypeScript

The Code Vision feature that’s available in IntelliJ IDEA and Rider is now in WebStorm! It works for JavaScript and TypeScript, helping you track the usages of various classes, methods, type aliases, and interfaces in your code. We’ve also implemented a new alphabetical sorting intention and shipped several fixes for working with monorepos and TypeScript.

The improvements at a glance:

User Experience

Earlier this year, we announced a closed preview program to introduce the reworked look and feel of our IDEs. In WebStorm 2022.3, we’re inviting you all to try the new UI and tell us what you think! That’s not all – there are a few other useful improvements in this release.

The improvements at a glance:


We’ve reworked the paste action behavior to add the clipboard’s contents above the current line, not at your caret, as it used to in previous versions. Additionally, we’ve added new functionality to preview and explain what will happen if you apply the selected intention action when coding. WebStorm also now detects and warns you about vulnerable package dependencies used in your projects.

The improvements at a glance:

Integrated Developer Tools

Last but not least, you’ll find a bunch of improvements for integrated developer tools like Docker and the HTTP Client. We’ve also reworked the Review list UI for GitHub and Space, as well as added a new way to work with projects in WSL2.

The improvements at a glance:

We hope you’ll like these improvements! For the full list of new features and enhancements available in WebStorm 2022.3, see the release notes. With your active subscription, you can upgrade to the latest build using the Toolbox App or via our website. You can also start a free 30-day trial if you don’t have a WebStorm license yet.

Side note: We’re experimenting with this new release blog post format. If you’re not a fan and prefer the old format, please let us know how we can improve it and why you liked the old one better. Thank you!

The WebStorm team

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