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WebStorm 2023.3 Release Candidate Is Here!

With the official release just around the corner, we’re happy to offer our WebStorm 2023.3 Release Candidate for you to try. Unlike our previous EAP builds, you must have an active WebStorm license to use it. Otherwise, you’ll need to sign up for a 30-day free trial to install and run this build.

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Let’s take a brief look at some of the most interesting improvements in v2023.3.

Key highlights

  • JetBrains AI Assistant: the AI Assistant plugin has received several significant updates in the 2023.3 release. You can look forward to enhanced code generation directly within the editor, a context-aware AI chat that answers project-related queries, and project-aware AI actions that provide more comprehensive results. You can check out the latest updates to the AI Assistant in this blog post.
  • Improvements for Angular: WebStorm 2023.3 is turning out to be a huge release for our Angular support. The release includes better support for strict template type checking, signal handling, initial Angular v17 control-flow syntax support, various new quick-fixes, and more.
  • Updates to the Svelte plugin: We’ve added built-in support for the TypeScript plugin to provide consistent highlighting and quick documentation for TypeScript files in your Svelte projects. There’s also a more stable way to import components automatically on completion, copy-paste, and Alt+Enter / ⌥Enter. Additionally, support for zero-effort type safety was expanded to cover TypeScript files, too.
  • Improvements for Vue 3: We’ve added new support for Vue 3 to provide completion and Rename refactoring for defineSlots and completion for properties with defineExpose. Furthermore, required imports for components will now be added based on the name specified by the defineOptions function.
  • Cypress and Playwright support: WebStorm 2023.3 brings new capabilities for testing your JavaScript code. Cypress and Playwright tests are now automatically detected and can be run from a Run icon in the editor. The support also includes the ability to explore the results and find issues by navigating the test tree. You can extend the support with the Test Automation plugin, which provides an embedded browser and advanced code insight.
  • Initial support for the Node.js test runner: WebStorm 2023.3 introduces support for the built-in Node.js test runner. Tests declared with the node:test API are now recognized, and you can run and debug them via gutter icons. This support is still in its initial implementation and has some limitations, but you are able to write tests for JavaScript code directly from your code, without having to install any packages.

Also in this release

Here’s an overview of some of the other key improvements for various technologies supported by WebStorm, along with some notable bug fixes.

JavaScript, TypeScript, and CSS

  • Improvements for TypeScript (WEB-47235, WEB-60536).
  • Automatically close single tags when pasting HTML to JSX (WEB-31414).
  • Support custom properties @property (WEB-60090).
  • Support for .jsonc format (WEB-53334).
  • Code completion for @ts-ignore and @ts-expect-error comments (WEB-33029).
  • Create .jsx files from the New menu (WEB-38370).

Integrated developer tools

User experience

  • A default tool window layout (IDEA-314590).
  • The option to hide the main toolbar in the default viewing mode (IDEA-303413).
  • Color-coded highlighting for editor tabs by default (IDEA-295115).
  • A Speed Search shortcut (IDEA-326435).
  • A new product icon for macOS.

That’s all for today. To find out what else we’ve implemented in WebStorm 2023.3, check out our previous EAP blog posts.

Please report any issues to our issue tracker, and stay tuned for the upcoming release announcement!

The WebStorm team

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