Live Webinar: Signals – The Future of Angular

Join us on Wednesday, November 29, at 4:00 pm UTC (check other timezones) for our free live webinar Signals – The Future of Angular.

Signals webinar

With Angular 17, Angular Signals made it out of development preview and are now stable. But what is Angular’s new reactive primitive really about? In this webinar, our guest and long-time friend of WebStorm Kevin Kreuzer and JetBrains Developer Advocate Jan-Niklas Wortmann will delve into Angular Signals, exploring their API and uncovering the mechanics behind the scenes. Furthermore, we will explore why we need Signals and how they might impact the future of Angular.

The timing of this webinar is not accidental. It comes right before the WebStorm 2023.3 release, which brings, among other great things, plenty of updates to Angular Signals. Make sure to register and join us for a sneak peek!


Come prepared with any questions you might have – we’ll try to answer them live.

As always, a recording will be made available shortly afterward.

The WebStorm team

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