What’s Next: The WebStorm 2024.1 Roadmap

In December, we released WebStorm 2023.3, our final major update for 2023, and have delivered two bug-fix updates since. We’d like to thank everyone who is already using it and providing us with valuable feedback.

Today, we’d like to give you a peek into what we’ve planned for the next release of WebStorm, which is scheduled for the end of March, with our usual disclaimer that these plans are subject to change.

Our primary focus with this release will be on improving performance, improving the user experience, and providing features to enhance productivity. Here are the most significant things we have planned for WebStorm 2024.1:

  • WebStorm@next TypeScript engine. We are undergoing a major rework of our TypeScript language support to fix compatibility issues related to native TypeScript evaluation and boost performance in specific setups that have historically caused problems. You can read more about the engine in this blog post.
  • In-editor usages for Vue, Svelte, and Astro components. Finding the usages of a component can be a pain, and the current Find Usages option isn’t always convenient. We plan to provide Code Vision with usages of components to help make searching for them easier (WEB-63640).
  • Better GraphQL experience. We’re dedicated to improving the GraphQL plugin and the support it provides. In this release, we plan to optimize the indexing performance, handle schemas in node_modules (WEB-63723), locate schemas in external libraries (WEB-64193), and render deprecated fields with a strikethrough line through them (WEB-63597).
  • AI Assistant improvements. We’re going to be continuing innovation on our new AI Assistant feature. We want to make it easy to integrate AI into your daily workflow and improve your overall experience.
  • Improvements for Angular support. The previous release was a big one for our Angular support. We’ll continue improving the support with fixes and enhancements for signals and the new control flow syntax. We also plan to add support for forms in Angular (WEB-29262).
  • Quick documentation popup enhancements. We’re redesigning our quick documentation popup to provide a better experience when navigating and coding in WebStorm. The redesign will give users the ability to view different interfaces via the quick documentation popup (WEB-19791) and ensure better-formatted documentation (WEB-62329). We’ll also enable the popup in completion by default (WEB-62324).
  • Stylelint improvements. We’re adding a new option to WebStorm that will allow you to run Stylelint on your files when you save (WEB-50148).
  • Vue support enhancements. We’ll implement better Vue navigation and improve resolving the components so you can navigate correctly to a component instead of the component.d.ts file (WEB-57530).
  • Improved Structure tool window for React projects. We’ll work on improvements for React to the Structure tool window (WEB-39957).
  • New quick-fixes for React. We’re going to add a bunch of quality-of-life quick-fixes to improve your day-to-day React coding. We’ll implement quick-fixes to add a prop when using a non-existent reference in a component (WEB-63920), add useState when using a non-existent reference in a component (WEB-63921), and add a prop when passing a non-existent prop to a component (WEB-63919).
  • A new language service widget. In v2023.2, we introduced LSP support to improve the user experience in our IDEs. Given the growing number of language services available in the IDE, we want to help you identify the services relevant to your projects and files and help you manage them. We’ll achieve this with an LSP widget that will show a list of language services running and provide options to restart the ESLint language service and limit the lifespan of the running service processes (WEB-57163).
  • Better support for certain frameworks and technologies. We will deliver features to improve the experience and fix problems with working with Svelte (WEB-61819 and WEB-61822) and CSS (WEB-36033, WEB-61127).

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for the start of the 2024.1 Early Access Program!

The WebStorm team

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