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WebStorm 2024.1 Release Candidate Is Here

With the release date just around the corner, we’re happy to present the release candidate for WebStorm 2024.1. Unlike our previous EAP builds, you must have an active WebStorm license to use it. Otherwise, you’ll need to sign up for a 30-day free trial to install and run this build.


Let’s take a brief look at some of the exciting improvements in v2024.1:

  • Sticky lines: We’ve introduced a new sticky lines feature in the editor to make navigation in large files and codebases easier. This feature pins key structural elements, such as function or class declarations, to the top of the editor as you scroll, keeping scopes visible for quick navigation.
  • Quick documentation popup improvements: The quick documentation popup has been improved significantly in this release. Now, it supports syntax highlighting for code blocks and is integrated into completion results. It also displays interface members, enum constants, and type alias bodies. You can also use the quick docs to access the full list of type members and navigate between multiple declarations.
  • Full line code completion: Another big feature inside WebStorm 2024.1 is the new AI-powered full line code completion. This new type of code completion will provide gray-toned, single-line suggestions that will complete lines based on the context of the current file. The language models behind this feature run locally and are included free with your active WebStorm subscription.
  • Vue Language Server is now enabled by default: The Vue Language Server is now enabled by default for all Vue projects, including Nuxt-based ones. It has some known limitations in Vue 2 projects. If you work with them, you can opt out of using the server in Settings | Languages & Frameworks | TypeScript | Vue.
  • Component usages for Vue, Svelte, and Astro components: WebStorm 2024.1 offers in-editor code vision hints for component usages in Vue, Svelte, and Astro files. This will help you quickly locate all usages of a specific component anywhere in the project.
  • A new Language Services widget: We’ve added a new Language Services widget on the status bar. It provides you with insights into the active language services for the current file and project. You can also restart services and navigate to their settings directly from this widget.

Also in this release

Here’s an overview of the key improvements for various technologies supported by WebStorm, along with some notable bug fixes.

JavaScript and TypeScript frameworks and technologies

Version control

  • We’ve added GitHub in-editor code reviews (IDEA-281186).
  • We’ve added an option to display review branch changes in the Log tab (IDEA-344338).
  • We’ve added support for reactions on code review comments (IDEA-274361).

User experience

That’s it! To find out what else we’ve implemented in WebStorm 2024.1, check out our previous EAP blog posts.

Please report any issues to our issue tracker, and stay tuned for the upcoming release announcement!

The WebStorm team

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