Giving Back to the Ecosystem: JetBrains Supports Volar

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In the world of web development, the strength of our tools can often be traced back to the vibrancy and innovation found within the open-source community. At JetBrains, our mission is not just to create sophisticated tools like WebStorm but also to foster a healthy ecosystem where developers can thrive. Today we’re excited to share our latest step in this journey: a $10,000 donation to the Volar team.

Why Volar?

For those in the Vue.js community, Volar has become almost indispensable, offering a great development experience with its robust TypeScript support and powerful features for Vue 3. As WebStorm’s integration for Vue relies heavily on the capabilities provided by Volar and the Vue Language Server, it’s clear that our users’ developer experience is closely tied to the well-being of projects like Volar.

Under the hood, Volar offers a robust way to transform component files into virtual TypeScript code, access TypeScript compiler information, and transform it back before showing it on the user’s screen. Volar allows WebStorm to expand the reach of the features it offers for TypeScript, facilitating support for Vue and other HTML-like frameworks. Moreover, Volar will be essential to the WebStorm team’s work on the TypeScript compiler integration.

The real heroes: open source contributors

The real heroes of this story are Volar’s maintainers and contributors. Their hard work and dedication have both enriched the Vue community and significantly influenced the broader web development landscape. This sponsorship is a recognition of their indispensable role in the ecosystem and our way of saying thank you for their contribution to the success of our tools.

Looking forward

This sponsorship is just one step in a long journey of supporting and participating in the open-source community. We believe that the health of Volar, other projects we support, and the open-source ecosystem in general is a critical component of the industry’s future, and we’re committed to contributing our part. As we move forward, JetBrains will continue to look for ways to support projects and initiatives that embody the spirit of innovation and collaboration that drives us all.

In closing, we extend our deepest thanks to the Volar team and the open-source community at large. Your work continues to inspire us, and we’re excited about what’s to come.

The JetBrains team

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