CIDR goes public as AppCode — a new Objective-C IDE!


It’s been a while since the first announcement that JetBrains is working on an Objective-C environment and we know many have been keen to try a new tool.

So, without too many words, Early Access Program for appCode IDE is now open!

We are very much looking forward to your feedback to help us create a tool you would enjoy using daily. This is why this early access program exists in the first place. Please note that appCode is not even a Beta yet, we have lots of things to do by 1.0.

So, to share information and discuss the product development with you, we have this blog, a dedicated discussion forum and an issue tracker. Your questions, ideas, features requests and bug reports are welcome (in their respective places)!

We kindly invite you to download the latest build from the appCode EAP page, give it a try, and let us know what you think.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains appCode team