Early Access Program News

AppCode EAP build (108.560)

A new AppCode Early Access build is available for download. Here are the highlights of the new features you can find in it.

1. Support for Automatic Reference Counting and related features mentioned at WWDC 2011 (We can’t disclose more details since it’s Apple Confidential information).
NOTE that these features are only available with Xcode 4.2 installed and the compiler set to “Apple LLVM compiler 3.0”. Also memory leak analysis is disabled when ARC is on.

2. Project Workspaces are now supported and displayed in the Project View.

3. Debugger improvements

  • GDB Watchpoints support. While in debugger, right-click a variable and select ‘Add Watch Point’
  • Updated breakpoint properties editing UI. Right-click a breakpoint and select ‘Edit’.
  • Many debugger bugfixes.

4. Xcode File/Project Templates support. AppCode now sees user defined templates for files and projects and offers them on a new file and new project creation.

5. Bundled “Tasks” plugin for working with issue trackers from the IDE and tracking IDE contexts. Watch the short intro screencast.

Download AppCode build 108.560.