Early Access Program News

New EAP build, nearing official beta status

It is really hard to stop adding smart features, you know. On the other hand, we have to have a GA release sooner or later, and to do that we need to settle down. But before “feature-complete” gates are closed we’ve come up with a few things you’ll love for sure:

  • New inspection warns you wherever you use an API unavailable in the Base SDK. Makes targeting prior iOS version a bit easier, right?
  • Smart Type Completion (Control Shift Space) now has some smarts indeed. It suggests a constructor or factory method of a class expected, for instance:
  • We haven’t been expecting ourselves to come up with decent C++ support for the first AppCode version, to say the truth. The language is really hard to develop code insight for and we’re still very far from stating it’s done but we really like how it shapes up:or even template-aware:

As usual the build is available at EAP page