AppCode 1.5.5: ready for OS X 10.8, iOS 6 and the very latest Xcode

So, WWDC is now over and no doubt you are eager to try some new stuff from Apple. We have prepared AppCode 1.5.5 update to help you explore new territories.

This update is compatible with OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6 as well as with the brand-new shining Xcode, so you can go ahead and develop your new apps with pleasure.

There is a known issue where LLDB doesn’t work correctly with iOS 6 devices. As a workaround, you can use GDB or downgrade your device to iOS 5.1. We hope Apple will fix this with the next iOS 6 preview.

Here is the full list of fixes. The update is also signed for the Gatekeeper.

As usually, you can use either ‘Check for updates’ from AppCode to install the update without re-downloading, or download the new version from AppCode web site.