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AppCode 1.6 EAP(#120.293): New features again? You’ll see… ;)

Hi, guys, it’s us again!

We have prepared a new AppCode EAP build for you with a really great feature – first-class localization support. OK, cool – you say – but what does it mean? What it means is that such features like refactorings, usage findings etc. work in localization files like a charm. Here is a proof:

Renaming localization keys:

Providing missing localizations:

Highlighting unused keys:

Finding usages of a key:

The work is not finished yet and the features requires some polishing, but you can use it already and give us your feedback and suggestions.

In this EAP build macros got some treatment as well:
Smart Completion for macro arguments – use standard Ctrl+Shift+Space shortcut to get items, suitable by type:

Parameter Info (Cmd+P shortcut):

One more feature to mention – objectWith-methods generation:

Oh, and we almost forgotten, guess what? UI-resources completion:

Also in this build we have bundled the latest version of LLDB debugger so you will benefit from all its features like newest Objective-C features support right away, even if you use Xcode 4.3 or Xcode 4.4. Supporting all the different versions of LLDB in Xcode is time consuming, so we hope that bundling LLDB will let us focus on the improvements of the debugger in AppCode. You can select the LLDB debugger on Preferences | Debugger page. Please try it and tell us, if it works for you allright.

Here is the full list of fixes and features – check if your bug has been fixed in this EAP!

Click “Check for Updates…” in AppCode’s menu or download the build manually from EAP page.

We’ll see you soon!

Develop with pleasure!
–The AppCode Team