AppCode 1.6: Smart and Sound

Good news everyone!

AppCode 1.6 is here to bring more joy and pleasure to Objective-C development.  New version is way faster on big projects, fully compatible with Xcode 4.4 and Xcode 4.5 preview, supports CocoaPods projects, third-party project and file templates and all new Objective-C features.

Here are a few highlights of this release:

  • In-place refactorings: Rename and Introduce refactorings now work right in the editor without invoking any extra dialogs, and take into account usages in comments and non-code files.
  • First-class localization support: refactorings, “Find Usages” action and other smart features now work in localization files as well.
  • Build settings editor: configure your project without leaving your favorite IDE.
  • C++11 and libc++ support.
  • A bunch of new inspections help you to: ensure that all necessary enum values are covered in your switch statement; find all non-localized strings in your project; and more.
  • Boosted code generation: select where you want to declare a new generated method – in the implementation, interface, or category; easily generate objectWith-methods.
  • AppCode comes with bundled GitHub plugin, so it’s now super easy to clone GitHub projects. Check out our video about GitHub integration features.

For more details, check What’s new and download the most intelligent Objective-C IDE!

Note, that if you own an AppCode license, 1.6 is a free update for you!

You may also find interesting that with AppCode 1.6 we have added one more license type: Academic license.  If you are a student or a teacher using AppCode in your studies; if you are running some lab research in your college or university and it’s non-profit work: fill a small application, tell us what you do, and we’ll get back to you.

Develop with pleasure!
-The AppCode Team