Early Access Program News

AppCode 2.0 EAP build #126.19

Hey guys,

it’s been a while since the last AppCode 2.0 EAP build, and you may be sure we haven’t spent this time uselessly. Actually, we’ve been busy preparing some new exciting features for you.

However before we’ll get into details, we would like to acknowledge the help of Bogdan Popescu, the developer of Dash browser. He was very responsive and improved Dash-AppCode integration so that with version 1.7.5 it provides more precise results, when called with AppCode’s Show External Documentation action (Shift+F1).
You can download fully functional version from App Store and enable integration in AppCode | Preferences | External Documentation.

OK, back to the new features in AppCode, here is what’s on the table:

  • Core Data object renderers in debugger.

  • Exception stack trackes in console are now linked to the actual code.

  • Integrated Clang Analyzer (Code | Inspect Code…).

  • Implement (Cmd+I) and Override (Cmd+O) now work with C++ classes, namespaces and top-level functions.
  • We are also working on auto-completion improvements: it will now show in-editor preview of the first variant that can be accepted by Enter or Tab, characters like dot, space and other won’t accept it. This behaviour can be changed in Preferences | Editor | Code completion.

Plus, quite a few other fixes and improvements.

Download and try the latest build from EAP page and tell us what you think! Issue reports and feature suggestions are very welcome in the tracker.

There’s more coming, so stay tuned!
The AppCode Team