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AppCode 2.5 EAP #131.240: C++ code generation and advanced unit testing

Hey fellows,

we have been working flat out to deliver this 2.5 EAP with quite a few improvements in various areas; first of all we have supported Xcode 5 almost at the full extent, including new iOS devices and iOS Simulator.

And the most noticeable features in this build, as you could have already figured from the post title, are:

  • C++ code generation, such as Override/Implement, constructor/destructor and getter/setter:

  • Boosted OCUnit/XCTest and Google Test support with ability to rerun any number of tests right from the test results tree:

    It is also possible to run all tests in the file – right-click on a file with tests and check the context menu options, or use Run… (Ctrl+Shift+R/D) shortcut in the editor.

  • Clever new intention actions that can quickly simplify and restructure conditional expressions.
    Simplifying boolean expressions:

    Replacing if-else with ?: and back:

    Extracting if-blocks:

  • Also you can now work with Xcode 5 Asset Catalogs right from the project view:

Here is the full list of fixes and changes in this build.

As we are getting closer to AppCode 2.5 release, which is in about two weeks, we are now concentrating on the most critical problems and your feedback is very much welcome.
If you have outstanding issues, please ping us in the tracker to make sure we don’t miss them. We can’t promise to fix all of them, but we’ll do our best to resolve as many as possible.

Also, let us know, if you spot issues with Xcode 5 integration so we are able to fix them timely.

You can download the build manually or wait until automatic update in AppCode | Check for Updates… is available.

The AppCode Team