AppCode 2.5 Released!

Good news everyone!

AppCode 2.5 is released with full Xcode 5 support, built-in CocoaPods integration, boosted unit testing and many other features. Here is the list of the major highlights:

  • CocoaPods integration with completion, inspections and intention actions:

  • C++ code generation – implement/override member and global functions, generate constructors, destructors and accessors:

  • Code simplification – easily transform the code into a more readable and straightforward form:

  • Google Test support with parameterized and typed tests:

  • Rerun failed and selected tests right from the results tree:

Of course, there are lots of other improvements and fixes, including stability and performance optimizations.

And all this in a minor update which is free for all users of AppCode with an active license. More to follow!

To download the release build, please visit AppCode site. If you have already downloaded Release Candidate, you don’t need to download the release again – it’s the same build.

The AppCode Team